Small Apartment? Decorating According to Size

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Small apartment decorating can be a challenge but can also be fun. It just takes a little bit of know-how and you’ll create a decor for your small apartment that is comfortable too.

Wall Colors and Flooring – Stay with Pale, Cool and Neutral Coloring

For small spaces, choose pale and cool colors for your walls. Select colors, such as whites or creams, or opt for soft shades, such as blue, lilac or green to make your rooms appear larger. Paint the walls in one color, from floor to ceiling. Stay with neutral colors for the flooring. Also, don’t break up the space on the floor by using several rugs. Keep the flooring uniform and make minimal use of rugs. A carpet in a neutral self-pattern, laid from wall to wall, will make a small space seem larger overall.

Arranging Furnishings and Accessories

When arranging the furniture in your small space, try to resist the temptation of lining up your furniture along the walls. By doing so, you give a definition to the boundaries of your small living area. If you have books, place them on one larger shelf rather than on a couple smaller shelves. If you can, construct built-in shelving to make more space available in a small living plan. Hang pictures in small groupings rather than displaying them randomly here and there. Also, keep knick-knacks to a minimum. Arrange lamps or vases on tables so they are in balance with the other furnishings. Make sure that the furniture items or accessories you use are functional and serve an actual purpose.

Keep Everything in Proportion

Keep everything in proportion when selecting furnishings and accessories. Therefore, choose smaller couches and chairs for your small apartment home. Don’t buy a piece of furniture that looks massive in an undersized room. Prints for pillows, upholstery, curtains and wallpaper should be diminutive as well. Choose smaller pictures too. Select curtains that are sheer and avoid any dark, heavy over-draperies. Consider removing doors or replacing them with sliding doors to open up a space. Make sure everything is in scale with the overall size of the room.

Furniture that Gives the Illusion of Space

Choose furniture that opens up a small space. Pick glass or see-through tables. Longer legs on chairs can also create more space or open up a room. Select pale-colored furniture versus, say, dark-colored furnishings in cherry or mahogany. Opt for bleached and light oaks or bamboo woods for your furniture selections. Paint darker chairs in neutral tints, such as ivory. Select lighter-weight furniture and avoid any cushions that look overstuffed. Steer clear of any furniture that is too elaborate.

Mirrors – “Must-Have” Accessories

The use of mirrors in a small space is also essential. Hang one or two mirrors in each room, or choose mirrored furniture to enhance the size of your living area.

You can make a small space appear larger. Just make sure you keep everything in proportion and make full use of your living space. Make it a goal to pick items that are functional and “fit” in well with where you’re living.

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