Interior Decorating Strategies for Apartments Under 1000 Square Feet

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Interior decorating for apartments under 1,000 square feet is not difficult when you know how to work with small spaces. Your options are not severely limited because of the small space, either. It does take some creativity on your part and patience to hunt around to find the right decorating solutions for your apartment. Here are some strategies to use:

Bare Is Chic

Don’t try to fill up your apartment in order for it not to look “empty.” The benefit of a small apartment is that you can make it look spacious and roomy if you stay away from clutter. You don’t have to display all of your goods or accumulate a lot of stuff to over compensate for a small space. Try to stick to the bare minimum and accentuate what you do have. When done right, this approach to interior decorating can spell maturity and style.

Large Wall Art

One secret to interior decorating is the use of large wall art to make a small room look larger. Think beyond paintings, although those work well, too. Do you have a favorite quilt given to you by a loved one? Do you know someone who is talented at painting murals? There are many options for art that you can hang up, including photographs.

Countertops and Chairs

A small kitchen is hard to maneuver around, which is problematic if you spend a lot of time in there. Many apartments under 1,000 square feet don’t have a separate dining room area. You have to make your already small kitchen into your dining area as well. One interior decorating tip that will give you more room in the kitchen is to transform your countertops into your “kitchen table.”  Buy counter chairs to match the decor of your kitchen or living room, if you have an open kitchen. Decorate the counter with linen, napkins and glassware to make the area look elegant. Paint the chairs you already have to give your counter area a makeover and to save money on buying brand new chairs.


Maximize the amount of sunlight you let into every room in your apartment, because it will make it look bigger. Blinds can also make decorative statements, but not necessarily the ones that came with the apartment. If you plan to live in an apartment for a long time, consider buying blinds for your windows and for the sliding doors to the patio. Get you landlord’s permission, but don’t expect him to pay for this. Replacing blinds is a cosmetic, and not a repair and maintenance problem. You can buy bamboo or wood blinds if you’re focusing on a natural interior decorating style.

Buy Loft Beds

The use of loft beds as an interior decorating strategy will help you with any storage issues. You can store clothes, shoes and supplies under the loft bed, or a computer desk or other electronic devices. Loft beds also make a great visual effect in bedrooms.

Make your interior decorating plans up front so that you don’t end up with a chaotic looking apartment. You don’t have much room for mistakes.

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