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Badly burnt apartment, destroyed as a result of a vicious apartment fire.

What Not to Do in an Apartment Fire

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Public fire departments responded to 1,318,500 fires in 2018, which was almost the same number as the year before. According to the National Fire Protection Association, a fire department in the United States responds to a fire somewhere in the nation once every 24 seconds. read more

Young man safely moves boxes into his new home using all the necessary PPE.

Pulling Off a Safe Move During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Most people probably wouldn’t choose to move from one home to another in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, but unfortunately enough, a lot of us renters have no choice but to do just that. You might be changing jobs, bound by family responsibilities, or even have had the move finalized before the crisis arose […] read more

Bed Bug

Dealing With Bed Bugs

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If you suspect you have bed bugs, you’re in for a bit of work! read more

First Aid Kit

Creating a First Aid Kit for Your Apartment

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We never know when an accident might strike. We always hope that nothing bad will happen to us, but it’s definitely useful to prepare yourself for some basic injuries, such as paper cuts, splinters, and sprained ankles. Having a proper first aid kit assembled and on hand can make life’s little emergencies a lot less […] read more

5 Must-Have Home Safety Products

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Adults and children can benefit from home safety products around the apartment. Whether you use them every day, or in emergencies, it’s important to have certain items on hand to help you survive a crisis or avoid injuries. Having what you need could be a matter of life and death. Check your supplies, and make […] read more

5 Special Baby Safety Considerations in a Loft Apartment

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Many parents prefer not to live in a loft apartment with a baby, because of the safety issues. The main concern is the open space and stairway above the ground floor of the loft, and you have to be very careful, or your baby can fall and suffer serious injury, even death. It might be […] read more