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A 30th Birthday Cake, with clutter visible in the background.

Movin’ On Up: 21 Items to Toss by Age 30

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Warm, fuzzy memories are absolutely magical. They make you laugh and cry, remind you of both better and worse times, and tell the story of how you became the person you are today. They don’t, however, need physical objects to back them up. By the time you turn 30, it’s high time to get rid […] read more

Bed Bug

Dealing With Bed Bugs

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If you suspect you have bed bugs, you’re in for a bit of work! read more

recycling bins

Recycling Center in Your Complex

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We’ve all heard the adage—reduce, reuse, recycle. But how can you recycle if your apartment doesn’t offer a program, and you don’t know your local recycling resources? Never fear—environmentalists are in every city or town, and want nothing more than to help you learn about recycling—or even start a recycling program of your own if necessary. Whether it’s plastic, aluminum, glass, or paper, there will be people and places that can help recycle almost anything. read more

What to Do if Your Apartment Has Violated the City Trash Code

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Typically, each city has created a city trash code to govern the collection and disposal of waste. These rules direct property owners, including landlords how to properly dispose of trash to protect residents from illegal and hazardous wastes. Because of the potential medical and safety hazards improperly disposed trash can cause, any violations of the […] read more

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8 Tips to Eliminate Odors

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You’ll want to clean your apartment on a regular basis in order to eliminate odors. Depending on your neighborhood and the climate where you live, it might not be an option to just throw open the windows and doors to air the place out. There are also a number of problem spots that you can […] read more

Apartment Cleaning: 6 Tips to Eliminate Odors After Cooking

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Cooking will fill your kitchen with delicious smells, but those pleasant aromas can quickly turn to odors if you don’t take proper steps to clean after you’re finished. Eliminate odors after cooking by following these tips: 1. Store Leftovers Properly As soon as you’re finished cooking and eating, gather all leftovers, place them in tightly sealed […] read more

Starting an Apartment Recycling Program

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You may be passionate about separating your recyclables, but that doesn’t guarantee that your apartment manager feels the same way. But starting a recycling program in your apartment complex is very doable. Most cities even offer resources to help apartment complexes start recycling. Philip Weiss, a Seattle resident, points out that city’s policy on recycling […] read more

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