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Man stresses out as he wonders how to break his lease agreement without paying any fines

How to Break Your Lease for Security and Safety Reasons

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It’s something no one wants to have to deal with: a situation has come up that necessitates you breaking your lease agreement. read more

A happy family enjoying a walk through their neighborhood with their dog.

What Makes a Walkable Neighborhood?

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Design trends come and go in residential life, but what people really want out of their neighborhoods — friendly neighbors, safe streets, and attractive housing — is unlikely to change any time soon. Another thing that’s unlikely to change is the public concern with walkable urbanism. read more

5 Special Baby Safety Considerations in a Loft Apartment

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Many parents prefer not to live in a loft apartment with a baby, because of the safety issues. The main concern is the open space and stairway above the ground floor of the loft, and you have to be very careful, or your baby can fall and suffer serious injury, even death. It might be […] read more