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Badly burnt apartment, destroyed as a result of a vicious apartment fire.

What Not to Do in an Apartment Fire

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Public fire departments responded to 1,318,500 fires in 2018, which was almost the same number as the year before. According to the National Fire Protection Association, a fire department in the United States responds to a fire somewhere in the nation once every 24 seconds. read more

Fire breaks out in an apartment building

Fire Safety for Renters

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Few things are worse than a fire breaking out in your rental or apartment building. You may be wondering how you could get out safely if one were to happen, read more

Safety Standards to Expect When Searching for Apartments

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There are some minimum safety standards that you should expect when you’re looking for your next apartment. If you’re going to be living in an apartment community with dozens or even hundreds of strangers, you shouldn’t take safety lightly. Not all of these will apply to your situation, depending on crime statistics in your area […] read more

5 Must-Have Home Safety Products

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Adults and children can benefit from home safety products around the apartment. Whether you use them every day, or in emergencies, it’s important to have certain items on hand to help you survive a crisis or avoid injuries. Having what you need could be a matter of life and death. Check your supplies, and make […] read more

In Case of Fire: Home Safety Dos and Don’ts

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Fire home safety is not an issue to be considered lightly. A fire in your home can be dangerous and deadly. Being prepared in case of a fire in your home can save your belongings and you life. Below are a few things to do and avoid when planning for the possibility of a fire. […] read more

Apartment Disaster Plan: Fire Safety

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Having a disaster plan ready in case of emergency can save your life. Although you may wish to never have to deal with an apartment fire, for example, you should know what to do if your apartment or complex starts on fire. Have a Fireproof Safe and/or Backups Hopefully you’ll never have to put your […] read more