5 Must-Have Home Safety Products

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Adults and children can benefit from home safety products around the apartment. Whether you use them every day, or in emergencies, it’s important to have certain items on hand to help you survive a crisis or avoid injuries. Having what you need could be a matter of life and death. Check your supplies, and make sure you have these must-have home safety products:

1 – Fire Extinguishers

The first place you’ll need a fire extinguisher is in the kitchen. Landlords should make one or two available to you, but sometimes they forget or ignore it. You need to press them for one, or buy one and deduct it from the rent after you and your landlord agree to that. It’s also a good idea to put one in each bedroom, especially if they’re on opposite ends of the apartment. If the bedrooms are close together, then one in each room may not be necessary. Buy one from a hardware store, or on Amazon.com.

2 – First Aid Kit

One of the home safety products that many tenants overlook is a good first aid kit. A box of bandages and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in your medical cabinet is not enough. A first aid kit will include:

  • Tweezers (handy to remove ticks or pull out splinters)
  • Band-aids of different sizes
  • Bandage
  • Creams (such as burn creams, and soothing creams for insect bites)
  • Scissors

A first aid kit is handy to use weekly or as often as you need it. You’ll also need one to during a natural disaster, fire or other emergency. You might consider getting a basic surgical kit as well.

3 – Cabinet Locks

Limited storage space is an issue that you’re probably facing in your apartment. It’s tough to find alternatives for your household cleaners or fragile items that you want to keep out of the reach of children and pets. You can store them under kitchen and bathroom sinks when you use cabinet locks. These are one of the must-have home safety products that’s non-negotiable when you have young children, because the risk is too high. When you’re not looking, they can get into cabinets, swallow what they shouldn’t and poison themselves.

4 – Baby Gates

You should baby proof your home before your baby begins toddling around the apartment. High on your list should be baby gates, if you rent a townhouse, private home or other rental unit with stairs. You can also use baby gates even when you don’t have stairs, to keep babies in one room.

5 – Furniture Straps

When making your list of home safety products, you should think through how the items in your apartment might injure you or those you live with. For example, electronics can tip over and injure someone. Secure televisions, bookcases and furniture that can easily tip over with furniture straps. These attach to the item you want to secure and to the wall, so that whatever you’re fastening does not fall over when touched or pushed.

You’re responsible for acquiring the home safety products you need when living at your apartment. Make it your first priority after moving in.

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