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Apartment building and several cars flooded by a hurricane.

Preparing For a Hurricane When You Live in an Apartment

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Many annual events are anticipated with joy and plans for celebration, but hurricane season definitely isn’t one of them. read more

Bad Weather

Preparing Your Apartment For Bad Weather

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No matter where you live, there’s always a chance of bad weather. It could be a severe thunder or snowstorm, or it could be something much bigger like a hurricane. Regardless of what kind of bad weather it is, there are a few basic steps you can take to prepare your apartment for it. read more

First Aid Kit

Creating a First Aid Kit for Your Apartment

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We never know when an accident might strike. We always hope that nothing bad will happen to us, but it’s definitely useful to prepare yourself for some basic injuries, such as paper cuts, splinters, and sprained ankles. Having a proper first aid kit assembled and on hand can make life’s little emergencies a lot less […] read more

Apartment Disaster Plan: Flood

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There’s no question that you’ll want to come up with a disaster plan for floods, if you live in a flood zone. Flash floods, though, can happen anywhere as a result of heavy rain storms, which means every renter, whether you live in a flood zone or not, should take preparing for floods seriously. Renters […] read more

Apartment Safety: 7 Items to Have in Case of an Earthquake

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An essential step in practicing apartment safety is preparation for natural disasters. If you live in an area that is susceptible to earthquakes, have a disaster plan ready so you can spring into action in the event of a quake. Part of that disaster plan should be to stock up on an earthquake emergency kit, […] read more