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First Aid Kit

Creating a First Aid Kit for Your Apartment

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We never know when an accident might strike. We always hope that nothing bad will happen to us, but it’s definitely useful to prepare yourself for some basic injuries, such as paper cuts, splinters, and sprained ankles. Having a proper first aid kit assembled and on hand can make life’s little emergencies a lot less […] read more

Apartment Disaster Plan: Tsunami Information

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If you live in a coastal community, you may have to take tsunamis into account when preparing your disaster plan. A tsunami is an emergency that cannot be taken lightly. In other emergencies, you can stay in your house and wait it out, as long as you’re well prepared. Problems such as bad thunderstorms, extreme […] read more

Apartment Disaster Plan: Tornado Safety

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It’s essential that you have a disaster plan in place so you know how to respond to an emergency like a tornado. Planning ahead can save your life, so pay attention to these tornado safety tips: Have a Disaster Kit The cornerstone of any disaster plan is to have a disaster kit on hand. You’ll […] read more