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Badly burnt apartment, destroyed as a result of a vicious apartment fire.

What Not to Do in an Apartment Fire

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Public fire departments responded to 1,318,500 fires in 2018, which was almost the same number as the year before. According to the National Fire Protection Association, a fire department in the United States responds to a fire somewhere in the nation once every 24 seconds. read more

A man walks through a thunderstorm with a protective umbrella

Thunderstorm Safety Tips for Renters

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Thunderstorms are common occurrences in the summer months, especially in coastal areas. They can even turn into hurricanes occasionally, resulting in fatalities and a lot of property damage. read more

Fire breaks out in an apartment building

Fire Safety for Renters

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Few things are worse than a fire breaking out in your rental or apartment building. You may be wondering how you could get out safely if one were to happen, read more

Renters Insurance Policy

The Ultimate Renters Insurance Guide

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When you move into a new apartment, you instantly start thinking about how you want to arrange your furniture, what new restaurants or bars you’re near, and what your neighbors are like. However, it’s not likely that you’re thinking about what could happen if your apartment got broken into or if your complex suddenly got […] read more

Aftermath of a Natural Disaster

A Natural Disaster Ruined My Vacation: Am I Entitled to a Refund?

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Unfortunately, natural disasters happen. They’re a part of this world and there’s not much anybody can do about them when they hit except stay out of their way. Still, shouldn’t you be entitled to a refund when a natural disaster ruins your vacation? If so, how much? read more

Apartment Disaster Plan: Tsunami Information

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If you live in a coastal community, you may have to take tsunamis into account when preparing your disaster plan. A tsunami is an emergency that cannot be taken lightly. In other emergencies, you can stay in your house and wait it out, as long as you’re well prepared. Problems such as bad thunderstorms, extreme […] read more

Apartment Disaster Plan: Cooking in the Dark

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Cooking in the dark should be a consideration for a long-term disaster plan. Power outages have been reported to last for as long as three weeks, and you might want to vary your storage foods a little while you wait for the power to come back on. You may also have to cook some of […] read more

Apartment Disaster Plan: Be Flashlight Ready

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As you make your disaster plan, don’t forget flashlight preparedness. Buying candles alone is not a good idea, because you’ll need to light up an area well beyond the first couple of hours or nights. You may have to go outside in the dark, and a candle won’t stay lit if there’s wind, water from […] read more

Apartment Disaster Plan: Emergency Food

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Having a well thought out apartment disaster plan in place will reduce your stress level should a natural disaster occur. Part of any disaster plan is having an adequate supply of shelf-able food and water on hand. Emergency food will hold you over and keep you nourished until you can resort back to your old […] read more