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Young man sinks his head into his arms inside his apartment, extremely displease with his living situation

10 Signs It’s Time to Move to a New Apartment

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From the time you’re born, life is constantly in flux. You grow, develop, and experience changes both good and bad. One of the best and most reliable parts of the journey is going through varied relationships, environments, jobs, and living spaces. read more

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What To Do When Your Landlord Raises the Rent

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Renting a home generally comes with a few problems, from noisy neighbors to total strangers parking in your allocated garage space. While most of these problems are solvable, nothing compares to an unexpected rent increase. You may feel helpless, angry, or a little of both right now, but you need to remember to explore your […] read more

Pros and Cons

Condo vs. Apartment: The Pros and Cons

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When you’re looking for a new place to live, condos and apartments are probably some of the first options you consider. There are pros and cons to both situations, but your choice will ultimately depend on what’s more important to you: homeownership or the freedom to move around. read more

4 Reasons for a Rent Increase

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A rent increase can sometimes come as quite a surprise to you, especially if you haven’t received one in a while. However, many times it’s necessary if the landlord must make improvements, keep pace with the cost of living or make up the difference due to increased taxation. Of course, sometimes the reason doesn’t have […] read more

How to Dispute Rent Increases

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Rent increases are unfortunate, but predictable. A landlord raising rents at the end of a lease is not an uncommon occurrence. However, many landlords try to raise rents in the middle of a lease. Citing increased costs or higher demand, your landlord might try to raise your rent by several hundred dollars. Should you face […] read more

My Landlord is Raising My Rent: What Now?

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When a landlord begins raising rent, it can often put the renter in a bit of a financial crush and cause them to wonder what to do. While there are laws that maintain when and how a landlord can raise rent, the bottom line is that a landlord can raise the rent on a renter. […] read more