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Silver car pulling into a vacant parking spot.

How to (Successfully) Share a Parking Spot with Your Roommate

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You’ve finally found the ideal apartment. It’s got two bedrooms, in a convenient location, secure, clean, and it even has on-site parking. Your roommate likes it just as much as you do and all the move-in costs are covered, but the second you’re ready to go out and celebrate, you realize there’s one caveat to […] read more

Finding an Apartment: Ways to Make Street Parking Easier

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The apartment you want may only offer street parking, which can be a pain. It’s easier to manage when the streets are cleared of snow, but when snowfall hits, it can be become even more of a hassle. The streets have to be plowed, and you may have to move your car often for street […] read more

Almost Perfect: Adjusting to an Apartment with Street Parking Only

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Sometimes the perfect apartment has one drawback: street parking. Sometimes having more cars than allotted parking spots may mean you have to park on the street, but other times your apartment offers no parking whatsoever than the space you can find on the side of the street. Adjusting to an apartment with street parking only […] read more

Street Parking: Do’s and Don’t’s

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Regardless of whether in a suburb or urban area, street parking puts your automobile at risk. Because of this, you should always take extra care when parking your car on the street to ensure that a little damage and problems have the potential for developing. Below is advice on what you should and should not […] read more