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Group of co-op living mates enjoys time together in a communal living space.

What is a Co-Op Apartment?

You might have heard of co-op apartments before, especially if you’ve spent time in New York. read more

Silver car pulling into a vacant parking spot.

How to (Successfully) Share a Parking Spot with Your Roommate

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You’ve finally found the ideal apartment. It’s got two bedrooms, in a convenient location, secure, clean, and it even has on-site parking. Your roommate likes it just as much as you do and all the move-in costs are covered, but the second you’re ready to go out and celebrate, you realize there’s one caveat to […] read more


Living With Roommates as an Introvert

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Living alone certainly has its perks — especially if you’re a bit of a lone wolf — but it can also be really expensive. When living with roommates is a necessity for your budget, how do you deal when you consider yourself an introvert? read more

Fully-Stocked Refrigerator

Sharing the Refrigerator With Your Roommates

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Everyone has their own slightly weird preferences and habits. After all, we might not feel at home without all those posters of our favorite 80s rock bands or daily 5 AM yoga sessions. For the most part, roommates with different styles and schedules can work out agreements by doing whatever they want in their own […] read more

Sharing an Apartment: Interior Decorating Ideas for Everyone

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When sharing an apartment, you can incorporate different apartment interior decorating ideas to suit every one’s tastes. The hardest thing to do is to not have so many ideas going at once that your place looks and feels chaotic. There are times when one major idea can include several elements that each person wants, and […] read more

How to Share a Loft Apartment with a Roommate

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Sharing any kind of apartment with a roommate requires some thought and compromise, but sharing a loft apartment presents an even more unique set of challenges. Because the flow and division of space in a loft is different than a traditional apartment with a distinct set of rooms, you and your loft roommate will have […] read more