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Apartment Complex Parking

Dealing with Apartment Complex Parking

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Living in an apartment complex certainly has its pros: you don’t have to mow any grass, you’re not responsible for fixing the water heater, and it only takes you an hour or so to clean your whole place. On the downside, living in an apartment complex also means that you most likely don’t have access […] read more

How to Tell If an Apartment Building’s Parking Garage Is Really Safe

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An apartment parking garage offers the benefits of convenience and protection of your vehicle against nature’s elements, but it can also be a potentially dangerous environment if not properly secured. Before choosing an apartment complex, you should always be sure that the parking area is safe and secure. Here are some ways to determine if […] read more

Parking Garage Etiquette: When to Leave a Note

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Using a parking garage requires a certain type of etiquette, particularly if the garage is associated with your apartment. Most of the time, leaving a note is more than sufficient etiquette when you encounter problems in the parking garage. Below is an explanation of the times when it is appropriate to leave a note after […] read more