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Service Dog

Know Your Rights: Service Animals

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Although many landlords prohibit their tenants from having a dog or cat in their unit, they do have to make exceptions for service animals, or animals who are trained to aid those individuals with physical, sensory, psychiatric, or intellectual disabilities. If you require a service animal to live with you, you’ll want to know your […] read more

Eviction Notice

Stop an Eviction in Its Tracks: Legal Defenses

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No one ever plans on being evicted. Unfortunately, there may be times when you don’t hold up your end of a lease agreement and will have to face some serious consequences. read more

5 Things You Should Know Before Signing a Lease

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Apartments come in all sizes, which leaves plenty of room for hiccups when choosing the perfect place. Eliminate extra hassles during the apartment hunting process by asking plenty of questions. The goal is to know as much as possible about the place you will live in for the next period of your life. Here are […] read more

Solving Tenant and Landlord Issues

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Since all people have their own opinions, there will always be disagreements.  Because we are unique, no two of us think alike.  In the world of renting, this can cause problems.  In a world filled with introverts and extroverts, issues always arise.  These issues need to be resolved in a civilized manner.  In the world […] read more

What To Do If Your Noisy Neighbor Is Your Landlord

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Living with a noisy neighbor can be a miserable experience, but it’s even worse when that neighbor is your landlord. You can pretty much forget about renting the apartment for long, if you decide to confront your landlord about the noise. In rare cases, your landlord may see the light and change his ways. In […] read more