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Graphic illustrating a potential tenant and their lease guarantor speaking with a property manager.

Rent Guarantor/Co-Signer: What It Is and Why You Need One

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If you’ve been trying to rent an apartment and keep getting told you need a lease guarantor or co-signer, you may be confused as to what the landlord wants and why. Luckily, it’s not so complicated to understand, although it might be difficult to find someone who’s willing to fill the position. read more

Public Housing in New York City

Public Housing and Rental Assistance Basics

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Trying to get public housing or rent assistance can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor. Understanding what recipients of aid go through can also be difficult for those who earn more money or have fewer family obligations. Below is a gathering of information that will help you understand the public housing system and how to use it to meet your and your family’s needs if necessary. read more

The Purpose of Minimum Income Requirements When Renting an Apartment

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Most landlords impose minimum income requirements for renting their apartments, whether or not they say so. Some property managers and landlords will state any requirements on brochures and other marketing materials, or when you request a rental application. Others won’t say anything, and just deny your application or refuse to rent you an apartment, because […] read more