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Red "For Rent" sign outside a vacant apartment complex.

How the Rental Market is Getting Stronger in 2019

Rumors of an impending slowdown in America’s rental market ran amok all through 2018. Ironically enough, the prices of individual houses haven’t changed much in the last year, despite many potential buyers being sure that they would rise in 2019. To this day, market experts can’t agree what’s in store for new home owners. Sure […] read more

The Arlington Financial District at sunset.

If You Live in Any of These 6 Cities, You Need to Consider Renting

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One of the biggest questions people have when moving to a new city is whether they should rent or buy their new place. While you may get tired of dealing with a landlord and feel like you’re “throwing your money away” on rent, renting can actually be the smarter financial choice in many cities around […] read more

Why Do Apartment Prices Fluctuate?

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We’re all aware that mean rent prices are gradually going up (and up and up), but you might not be aware of another apartment pricing issue: namely, price fluctuation. This means that you could go tour an apartment and get a quote for it on Saturday only to find that the price is entirely different […] read more

How The Recession Affects Apartment Rental Rates

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Apartment rental rates fluctuate during economic recessions and booms. How rates will be affected in your local area is dependent on several factors. These could have either a positive or a negative impact on your search for an apartment (or how much you’ll end up paying for your monthly rent). Here are some of the […] read more

2006 Forecast for Renters

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With housing prices rising steadily, the economy on the upswing and real estate developers (the people who build new apartment complexes) are re-grouping and looking for new projects, rents will likely rise in 2006. But alas, there are some parts of the country where renters will enjoy the benefits of high vacancy rates, move-in specials, and low rents. read more