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Sad woman cries on the phone after receiving her eviction notice.

Section 8 Eviction Explained

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If you’re a member of the Housing Choice Voucher Program, commonly called “Section 8,” different eviction rules apply to your apartment building. Or perhaps you live in a building where other residents are in this program. Either way, you may be wondering how the eviction process is different. What is Section 8? First of all, […] read more

Senior couple holds up a small replica of a home.

Differences Between Low-Income Senior Housing and Section 8

You may have heard the terms “low-income senior housing” and “Section 8” before. Though both are programs managed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), there are many differences between the two. For both, however, your income must fall within a certain range. Given the many benefits of these programs, competition tends […] read more

Senior couple enjoys a nice cup of coffee together inside a senior housing community.

7 Great Housing Options for Seniors

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Nowadays, senior citizens have several great housing options to choose from. read more

Many basement apartments like this one are technically illegal.

Living in One of These 5 Rentals? You Might Be Living in an Illegal Apartment

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Few things are more frustrating than getting kicked out of your apartment because it’s an illegal unit – especially when you had no idea the unit was illegal in the first place. For that reason alone, you’ll find that knowing what is legal in your area to be an essential asset in avoiding trouble further […] read more

A veteran happily stands outside his home with his young daughter.

Understanding Veteran Housing Assistance

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Are you, or is someone you know, a veteran of the United States military? If so, you may be wondering what options exist for housing assistance after your service is complete. As a demographic, veterans more are at risk of homelessness than most other groups, and they often require specialized support in order to integrate […] read more

Renters' Rights

Renters’ Rights: Civil Liberties Your Landlord Won’t Tell You About

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When a renter has a problem, a good landlord will try to fix it as soon as possible. After all, they want their tenants to be happy and stay with them long-term so they’ll have a lower turnover and spend less money on advertising, move-in renovations, etc. But then there are the proverbial landlords from […] read more

College Apartment vs. University Housing

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There comes a time in your college career when you have the choice between living on campus in university housing or moving off campus into your own apartment. There are significant advantages and disadvantages to each, and what you choose to do is ultimately a matter of what works best for your lifestyle. Here’s an […] read more