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Woman negotiates a rent reduction with her landlord.

6 Tips for Negotiating a Rent Reduction with Your Landlord

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With the COVID-19 pandemic on the rise again and a second wave rapidly approaching, many of us are out of work and running out of cash with no end in sight. read more

Negotiating a Security Deposit

How to Negotiate the Amount of a Security Deposit

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Every single time you want to rent a new apartment, condo, or house, you’re going to have to fork over quite a bit of money — including a hefty security deposit. In case you didn’t know, a security deposit isn’t just a random fee that’s required to rent an apartment. In reality, it’s given to […] read more

Negotiating with the Landlord

Tips for Negotiating Cheaper Rent

Rent is one of most people’s biggest monthly expenses. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to shave $50 or $100 off of your monthly payment and put that money toward something fun and exciting? read more

Negotiating with Your Landlord After Damage Occurs

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It's the worst thing that can happen when you're living in an apartment: the landlord -- the person you pay for shelter -- is responsible for damage to your possessions. Maybe the management is at fault for a burst pipe, or perhaps for a fire. If you don't have renter's insurance, it may seem as if you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. read more

Negotiating Rent When Resigning Your Contract

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When it’s time to renew your lease, you don’t necessarily have to succumb to your landlord’s demands. If you’ve been a good tenant, you can engage in some savvy negotiation to get a better deal. It’s always easier for the apartment management to have a guaranteed good tenant than to have to seek out a new tenant with unknown payment and residential habits. These suggestions may help you get on your way to negotiating a better agreement with your landlord when re-signing your lease. read more