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Rent-controlled apartment building.

The ABCs of Rent-Controlled Apartments

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“Rent control” refers to a state government’s decision to limit the rent a landlord can charge. In simpler terms, if a tenant in Texas pays $1,000 a month living in a rent-controlled apartment, it’s illegal for the landlord to charge them more than that in the future. Of course, since each state has different costs […] read more

Renters' Rights

Renters’ Rights: Civil Liberties Your Landlord Won’t Tell You About

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When a renter has a problem, a good landlord will try to fix it as soon as possible. After all, they want their tenants to be happy and stay with them long-term so they’ll have a lower turnover and spend less money on advertising, move-in renovations, etc. But then there are the proverbial landlords from […] read more

How to Take Advantage of a Rent Control Law

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Rent control laws can be quite restrictive but are not necessarily exclusionary. Taking advantage of rent control laws is more than possible, but requires forethought, planning and savvy. Because of the low cost of rent controlled apartments and the high demand, it may be quite difficult to find an available, rent controlled apartment. As such, […] read more