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A family has a blast in their community pool

Be Cool At The Pool: Community Pool Etiquette for Beginners

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Apartments with community pools are tenant magnets when temperatures soar. It makes sense, too, as they make for great places to beat the heat, get to know your fellow apartment dwellers, and unwind in general, read more

A sleek dresser with elegant matching decor pieces on top.

Cheap and Easy Ways to Spruce Up Shelves and Dressers

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No matter how much you’ve enjoyed that shelving unit you spent a whole day putting together with an Allen wrench or that dresser you scored for $10 at a garage sale, sooner or later you’ll want something new. But instead of shopping for replacements, why not use your industrious creativity to revamp those old pieces? […] read more

Brother and sister race through their new apartment home with moving boxes in hand.

Raising Kids in Small Spaces

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Raising kids in an apartment can be a challenge. No matter how big it is, kids always seem to exist in packs — which means it always seems crowded. read more

A baby putting his hand on a babyproof rail guard

The Beginner’s Guide to Babyproofing

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Your tiny infant has grown into a squirming, crawling, little person before your very eyes. The only downside to them growing up (other than the fact that they’re not that squishy little newborn they once were) is that they are now able to get into everything. Once your baby starts to crawl, and eventually, walk, […] read more

Kids' Room

Putting Together the Perfect Kids’ Room

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You’re moving to a new apartment with a kid (or kids!) in tow. Where to start? read more

Deep Cleaning the Carpet

Smelly Carpet? Try These Deep Cleaning Strategies!

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When you’re #blessed with wall-to-wall carpet in your apartment, the best way to deal with it is to make sure it’s sparkling clean. But if you have pets, small children, or maybe just a really messy roommate, that task can prove quite challenging. read more

Creative Kids’ Bathroom Decor

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You can have a lot of fun when it comes to creative kids’ bathroom decor. Every child’s bathroom can be as unique as he is. There’s no reason why equal creative attention cannot be given to this room. It can make teeth brushing and nightly bath time more of an adventure than a chore. Imitation […] read more

Safety Considerations for Kids’ Room Design

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When it’s time to start planning for a kids room, rec room or nursery, it’s great to have some basic safety guidelines in mind for making sure that a room decor matches the needs of its occupants. Here are some tips for any kids room makeover or planning for a new kids room in a […] read more

Features of Family-Friendly Apartments

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Family friendly apartments provide you the comfort and convenience that you’ll grow to appreciate while you’re renting. You may have to pay a little bit more in rent, but you can make up the difference in other areas. Here are 5 family friendly features to look for: 1. Two or More Baths One overlooked feature […] read more