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Deep Cleaning the Carpet

Smelly Carpet? Try These Deep Cleaning Strategies!

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When you’re #blessed with wall-to-wall carpet in your apartment, the best way to deal with it is to make sure it’s sparkling clean. But if you have pets, small children, or maybe just a really messy roommate, that task can prove quite challenging. read more

Creative Kids’ Bathroom Decor

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You can have a lot of fun when it comes to creative kids’ bathroom decor. Every child’s bathroom can be as unique as he is. There’s no reason why equal creative attention cannot be given to this room. It can make teeth brushing and nightly bath time more of an adventure than a chore. Imitation […] read more

Safety Considerations for Kids’ Room Design

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When it’s time to start planning for a kids room, rec room or nursery, it’s great to have some basic safety guidelines in mind for making sure that a room decor matches the needs of its occupants. Here are some tips for any kids room makeover or planning for a new kids room in a […] read more

Features of Family-Friendly Apartments

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Family friendly apartments provide you the comfort and convenience that you’ll grow to appreciate while you’re renting. You may have to pay a little bit more in rent, but you can make up the difference in other areas. Here are 5 family friendly features to look for: 1. Two or More Baths One overlooked feature […] read more


Features of a Child-Friendly Apartment

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Parents who rent should make it their priority to find a child-friendly apartment. Sometimes, it can be hard to achieve that goal when the options are few. However, you should try to make sure that any apartment you consider at least has these features. A Yard A child friendly apartment will have a yard, and […] read more

Grade-school Kids’ Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Your little girl or little boy is not a baby anymore, so it is time to get rid of the nursery room furniture and decor. Here are some great kid’s bedroom decorating ideas to transform that baby room into a kid’s bedroom for your grade-school level child. Know What’s Popular When decorating kid’s bedrooms, it is […] read more

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5 Tips for Child-Proofing Your Kitchen

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A kitchen can be a dangerous place for a child, especially when your baby becomes mobile. Child proofing the kitchen must be a top priority for parents to help ensure child safety in their apartment. Follow these 5 great tips to child proof your kitchen. Buy Child Safety Locks for Your Cabinets Cabinet doors that are […] read more

3 Easy Ways to Find a Kid Friendly Apartment

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Many parents dream of buying their own house to raise their children in, but that’s not always possible. If you need to move into an apartment complex with your children, you are likely have some special needs beyond those of the typical tenant. This article will help you prepare to find a great apartment complex that’s not just safe but also fun for kids to live in. Finding the right place will take a lot of preparation and research, but you and your child will be happier for it. read more

4 Tips To Make Moving With Kids Easier

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Moving with kids can be tough. Beyond the psychological resistance to moving that they may display—being reluctant to leave cherished friends and familiar surroundings for scary new experiences—there are practical concerns as well, such as how best to involve kids in the moving process or keep them entertained during a long car or plane ride. Knowing what to do with the kids at all times can be tough, but many other people have lived through it and emerged with ideas about how best to handle the process. Read on for suggestions on how to keep yourself sane and the kids busy while you’re moving. read more