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Kids' Room

Putting Together the Perfect Kids’ Room

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You’re moving to a new apartment with a kid (or kids!) in tow. Where to start? read more

Special Rooms for Special Kids

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For little people, kids sure do have a lot of stuff. But with clever thinking and the mantra of storage, storage, storage, you can create a child’s room in your apartment that you both will love. Let’s look at the closet, first – it’s probably the most important space in the room. What else can […] read more


Safety Considerations for Kids’ Room Design

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When it’s time to start planning for a kids room, rec room or nursery, it’s great to have some basic safety guidelines in mind for making sure that a room decor matches the needs of its occupants. Here are some tips for any kids room makeover or planning for a new kids room in a […] read more

How to Choose Children’s Bedroom Furniture

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Choosing bedroom furniture for children can be exciting, but stressful at the same time.  There are so many different kinds of furniture, styles and decorating options, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Here’s a few ground rules for choosing furniture you will be happy with–that will last for years to come.  Choose a Matching Furniture […] read more

Cool Room Ideas for Boys

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Coming up with cool room ideas for boys doesn’t have to be costly. If you’re willing to be creative and have time, you and your boys can create a great bedroom to enjoy. Here are just a few ideas: Add Recreational Table Games You don’t have to fill your child’s room with video games to […] read more

Guidelines for Choosing Children’s Bedroom Furniture

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Children’s bedroom furniture should be fun, functional and long-lasting. Here are some great guidelines for choosing kids furniture that both you and your kids will like. 1 – Take Your Children With You When you are shopping for kids bedroom furniture, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the furniture is not […] read more

Grade-school Kids’ Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Your little girl or little boy is not a baby anymore, so it is time to get rid of the nursery room furniture and decor. Here are some great kid’s bedroom decorating ideas to transform that baby room into a kid’s bedroom for your grade-school level child. Know What’s Popular When decorating kid’s bedrooms, it is […] read more

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Designing an Organized Kids’ Room

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When designing an organized kids‘ room, it is important to remember fun, as well as functionality. Parents have many options for organization that are both easy and effective for parent and child. Captain’s Bed Captain’s beds are great for any boy’s room or girl’s room. Captain’s beds come in all different materials, colors and styles, […] read more

Apartment Decorating Tips for Families

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Adding children to the equation not only changes your life, but your decorating style too. Here are some great decorating tips to help your apartment design with family in mind. Design for Comfort Sure those modern, sleek designs in magazines, and on design shows look great, but when you have children, comfort is key. Comfort […] read more