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Sticky trap for gnats set up beside a houseplant.

How to Get Rid of Gnats

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You’ve probably spotted bugs in your apartment before and wondered whether or not they were gnats. read more

Couple listens skeptically to a potential new landlord's big pitch.

9 Things Your Landlord Isn’t Telling You

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Renting can be a complicated process, with lots of different factors to be aware of. Your landlord will usually make you aware of most of the things you need to know upfront, like when rent is due or if you’re allowed pets in the apartment. However, they won’t always tell you everything you need to […] read more

A cockroach crawls along a wooden surface inside a home

How to Prevent Cockroaches from Invading Your Apartment

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Most people can agree that cockroaches are a disturbing pest that needs to be gotten rid of. There are several approaches to eliminating cockroaches, which we’ve covered in a previous article. But how can you prevent cockroaches from returning once you’ve made them vacate your home? Read on for an overview of common cockroach characteristics and the best prevention methods. read more

A mouse being released into the wild after being caught in a humane trap.

Humane Ways to Rid Your Apartment of Mice

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All tenants fear the possibility of unwanted critters like termites or rodents taking up residence in their apartment. Rodents in particular read more


How to Get Rid of Common Apartment Pests

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Your apartment is your safe space — your place of refuge at the end of a long day. So nothing’s worse than when an invasion of creepy crawlies hits your apartment, keeping you up all night in fear of being bitten. While a few bugs may not be anything to get nervous about, having the […] read more

Keeping Fruit Flies Away

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Fruit flies are one of the greatest nuisances that can infest your home. If you have them, you’ll see tiny flies flying around your home. Adult fruit flies are about 1/8 inch long, including the wings, and are dull, tan to brownish yellow or brownish black with feathery antennae. Their eyes are usually bright red. […] read more

How to Get Rid of Mice, Part 2

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Mice don't make the best roommates. Unlike bigger roommates, though, they tend not to take hints that it's time to move along. If you need to get a mouse out of your apartment, you may have to do more than mention that it's time to move along. read more

Yuck! Dust Mites in Your Apartment

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Doing research for this week's article, I notice that I am probably living with more roommates than I knew was imaginable. Even worse, I am sleeping with most of them. So, as I highlight the nasty story and prevention methods, I am comforted by the sound of the washing machine and the thought of the book I will be reading tonight while I am unable to sleep in my own bed. read more

How To Get Rid of Mice

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Ok, maybe your roommate really didn’t eat those chocolate chip cookies you had been craving all day. The small bites in the box could suggest another culprit: mice. You mean those weren’t raisins on the floor the other day? Mice infestation can be a huge problem. Since mice reproduce five to ten times a year, with five or six in each litter, two mice can quickly turn into hundreds. So, if you don’t like the idea of things running across your feet when you get up to go to the bathroom at 2 am, here are some tips for getting rid of mice. read more