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Girl uses a small room heater to help her and her cat survive the harsh winter.

Wintertime Updates Your Apartment Needs

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The chill of winter is fast approaching for many of us, and as temperatures continue to drop, we find that it’s often an uphill battle to keep the drafts at bay. Most people tend to crank up the thermostat during this time of year, which usually causes the utility bills to go way up. Fortunately, […] read more

A young man stands freezing inside his apartment. Looks like it's time to winterize!

Best Ways to Winterize Your Apartment

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No matter where you live, chances are the winter months are colder than the others and you want to stay warm. read more

A man inspecting his new home after renting a flipped property.

Things to Look Out for When Renting a Flipped Property

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If you’ve recently turned on HGTV or opened up a home and garden magazine, you know that everyone is flipping for flipped homes. read more

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning: What and How

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While no one loves cleaning, the feeling of a fresh and tidy home is undeniably great. Unfortunately, busy weeknights leave us with little time to deep clean our apartments. Devoting some weekend time to heavy duty spring cleaning is the best way to achieve an organized space. Here are a few tips on how to […] read more

Window Treatment Ideas for French Doors

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When choosing a window treatment for French doors, consider the location of the doors, as well as function, and personal decorating style. French doors are extremely versatile and can be a very ornamental part of any décor. They can also be somewhat modest and plain, serving as a functional source of natural light or privacy. And […] read more

4 Window Treatments for Sliding Doors

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Sliding doors bring lots of light and easy access to a room, but also require a more specialized decorating strategy than your average doors or windows do. You can dress sliding doors to maximize the light they filter into a room, or play them down with thicker fabrics. For another twist, add colors, patterns or […] read more

Frugal Living: 4 Budget-Friendly Window Treatments

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Window treatments are a unique way to add interest and color to any room’s decorating scheme. The decor piece can often be pricey at higher-end furniture and decorating stores, despite its universal simplicity. Use simple fabric pieces, unique ties and different lengths to cheaply add interest and variety with window treatments. Rather than purchasing pricier, […] read more