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Faux Carpet

Fabulous Flooring Options for Apartment Dwellers

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So you’ve found the perfect apartment: right size, great location, no bugs, new appliances, and easily affordable. Dazzled by your luck, you secure the find with a deposit and move in. But upon perusing your new home, you realize something’s not quite right: the ugly flooring. Although it’s functional, it brings down the overall appeal, […] read more

Ugly Carpet

How to Hide Ugly Carpet

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When looking for a place to rent, you’ll often have to choose between a great location and a great-looking apartment. If you’re particularly lucky, you’ll get the best of both worlds, but living in an ideal area usually means having to compromise on interior aesthetics. read more

Interior Decorating Tips: Floor Design Basics

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When it comes to decorating your apartment, don’t ignore floor design basics. Creating a floor plan before you move in can help you determine furniture and rug placement and color schemes ahead of time. If you’re living in or moving to an apartment building, the task of designing your floors is easy, since they probably […] read more