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A beautifully-decorated living room tied together by a large central rug.

Upgrade Your Apartment Decor With Rugs

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Sometimes, after a long, bad day at the office, you walk into your apartment and hate everything about it. Even if you just bought a new couch or painted the living room, it seems dowdy, old, not for you — just plain wrong. You realize this negativity is borne of nothing more than general bittnerness, […] read more


Affordable and Creative Ways to Upgrade An Old Apartment Fireplace

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You’ve finally found the apartment of your dreams, and it has a fireplace! It doesn’t matter if it’s a working fireplace or an older one that’s been sealed off for years — fulfilled dreams are almost always immune to specifics. But then you move in and realize it doesn’t quite fit with your décor. In […] read more

A living area that incorporates a few quintessential features of industrial chic decor, including concrete and exposed crossbeams.

5 Ways to Update Your Industrial Chic Apartment

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Right around the turn of the 21st century, industrial chic was born. Also called industrial style, it evolved from people transforming old warehouses, schools, manufacturing plants, and other traditionally non-residential buildings into living spaces. The first of these converted flats most commonly consisted of huge single-story units with no walls, rooms, central heating, or conventional […] read more

Ugly Carpet

How to Hide Ugly Carpet

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When looking for a place to rent, you’ll often have to choose between a great location and a great-looking apartment. If you’re particularly lucky, you’ll get the best of both worlds, but living in an ideal area usually means having to compromise on interior aesthetics. read more

Hanging Art Up

Coloring Your Walls Without Paint

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One of the biggest challenges of apartment living is trying to decorate your space without breaking any of the rules outlined in your lease agreement. You might already be perusing your favorite DIY sites for inspiration, but there’s a chance that your landlord will be less than thrilled by your sudden urge to redo your […] read more

Neutral-izing Colors

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Bright turquoise, sunny yellow, vibrant red – colors in home design are talked about a lot. But what the warm classics? Dark gold, ivory and taupe? Or the currently cool grey and trending rose gold for accessories? Let’s take a look at a neutral palate of colors and how to make them work in any […] read more

How to Implement Neutral Colors into Your Apartment

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There’s a reason why some of the most elegant rooms profiled in home magazines use neutral colors. Very few color schemes can compete with a neutral color scheme when it comes to making a room look luxurious and classy. With the right combination of wallpaper or paint, furniture upholstery and accessories or wall art, you […] read more

How to Pick a Good Accent Chair

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When picking an accent chair for you apartment, you’ll need to consider the decor. Your choice will be dependent then on the design theme of your apartment. Therefore, picking the right accent chair can tie in the whole look of the decor you’ve selected for your apartment. A Victorian Chair If the decor of your apartment revolves around a […] read more

Apartment Decorating: 5 Color Mistakes to Avoid

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Apartment decorating is a complicated task. Choosing the color of your furniture and walls is a great way to display your personality and tastes. It is impossible to completely prevent errors but there are 5 tips to assist you in avoiding major color mistakes. 1. Don’t Overwhelm the Room Apartments are usually smaller in dimension […] read more