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Hand hovers over apartment AC vent to see if it's working properly.

What to Do When Your A.C. Breaks

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Summer is in full swing, and the temperatures are soaring. read more

A little girl finds a way to cool off in her parents' apartment without central air conditioning.

10 Cool Tricks To Beat The Heat Without Central A.C.

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Triple-digit temperatures are tolerable if you’re frolicking around a pool or playing tag with ocean waves, but if you’re stuck indoors with no air conditioning, sweltering summer heat can be a living hell. read more

Surviving the Summer Without Central Air Conditioning

Surviving the Summer Without Central Air Conditioning

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Summer is officially here, along with all the things we love about it — and a few that we hate about it. Like heat waves. read more

Energy Star Portable Air Conditioner: Save Money and the Environment

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When you are shopping for an Energy Star portable air conditioner, look for the Energy Star icon. Energy Star is a symbol that gets awarded to appliances that are more efficient than their counterparts. Generally, they are slightly more expensive, but nonetheless they will save you money in the long run. Energy Star Saves Money […] read more

The Benefits of Purchasing a Portable Air Conditioner/Dehumidifier

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Until recent years, very few people heard of or considered purchasing a portable air conditioner/dehumidifier. Today, you’ll find home improvement experts, air conditioning service professionals and renters singing the praises of this device. It solves cooling problems, while giving the most flexibility to tenants in an apartment living situation. There are many benefits to owning […] read more

Comparing Air Conditioning Units for Your Small Aparment

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If you’re looking for air conditioning units, chances are you may not have central heating and cooling in your apartment. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it takes a tremendous amount of electricity to run those, which means a higher electric bill. You can control your bill a lot better by isolating your […] read more

Portable Air Conditioner: Window vs Floor Unit

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When comparing a portable air conditioner window unit versus a floor unit, you have to consider a few aspects of your apartment lifestyle. Before you purchase one unit or the other, compare these characteristics: More Apartments Allow Floor Units Many apartment complexes ban portable air conditioner window units because of their bulk and easy visibility […] read more

Keep Your Pets Comfortable with a Portable Air Conditioner and Heater

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You’re not the only one in your apartment that can benefit from a portable air conditioner and heater. Your pets will enjoy cooling and heating as well, for both comfort and health benefits. Dogs and cats can overheat in the summer months in an apartment that has little or no cooling options. Ceiling and floor […] read more

Where to Find Cheap Portable Air Conditioners

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Cheap and portable air conditioners may seem like an oxymoron. You are going to have trouble finding one that’s less than a few hundred dollars. There are exceptions, and you may stumble upon a moving sale where a desperate owner wants to get rid of one for quick cash. For the most part, you’ll have […] read more