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An elegant, well put-together dining room.

7 Tips to Deck Out Your Dining Room

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We’ve all witnessed the forgotten dining room before: a place used so seldom there’s often a light coating of dust on the tables and chairs in it. read more

4 Ideas for Decorating a Dining Room

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The dining room can be the most enjoyed room in a home, a place where families share meals and guests gather for fun times-which is why how one goes about decorating the dining room is so important. Game night is often held in the dining room, and it’s a communal room for beinging all its […] read more

How to Adapt Home Decoration Tips for Apartment Units

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Decoration tips for apartment living can all too often be a bit bland. Home decoration tends to be more lavish than the average apartment decorating. A home lends itself to greater space and a more definite sense of permanency. Since a home is going to be one’s haven for years, it’s easy to justify the […] read more

Combo Living and Dining Room Decorating Ideas

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The key to maximize your space is to effectively combine your living and dining room spaces into one. Before you decide on how you will put your space together, you need to consider your style and your preferences for entertaining. Are you a casual entertainer or do you prefer a more formal setting? Are you having friends […] read more

Dining Room Decorating for Less Than $500

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Dining room decorating from scratch can be challenging. Dining room furniture can be expensive, and it is easy to go over budget. However, follow these guidelines, and you will have a picture perfect dining room for under $500. 1 – A Dining Room Table Doesn’t Have to be a Dining Room Table If you have […] read more