How to Adapt Home Decoration Tips for Apartment Units

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Decoration tips for apartment living can all too often be a bit bland. Home decoration tends to be more lavish than the average apartment decorating. A home lends itself to greater space and a more definite sense of permanency. Since a home is going to be one’s haven for years, it’s easy to justify the effort and expense. However, you can also decorate your apartment on that grand of a level, and you can do so on a tighter budget.

Dining Room

A dining room is often a room featured solely in a home. Because apartment living rooms and kitchens are the only obvious options for a dining room, a more casual table is often simply kept to the kitchen area so that it won’t interfere with the relaxed mood of a living room. However, think outside the box. It’s usually not much more expensive to rent a two-bedroom apartment than a one-bedroom apartment. Opt for a two-bedroom apartment, and turn that extra room into a dining room for a really fun and creative modification to apartment living. You’ll get the feel of a home when you have a room that’s dedicated to the pleasures of eating and drinking. You may consider keeping a wine collection in this makeshift dining room, and a cabinet that’s sophisticated on the outside-yet contains sodas and other beverages on the inside-is also a great choice.

Curtain Effect

Put up curtains in your apartment. Curtains are often an investment reserved for home life. However, having curtains really brings out the colors and design of any room. They can easily allow more or less light in the room, and it’s a great way of adding another measure of privacy to your apartment. While blinds are standard in apartments, they are often well-worn and don’t always work in providing complete privacy as curtains do. Your apartment will likely feel much more personal to you when there are curtains that compliment the colors and designs you’ve already chosen for a room.

Wall Talk

Decorate the walls with pictures, paintings and posters. While many landlords frown upon painting the walls of an apartment, very few would forbid the walls’ decoration with what reflects yourself and who you want to be. If you really want to learn piano, for instance, an encouraging poster on the musical instrument and its effects may be just the thing to motivate you. Be yourself in decorating your walls of the apartment as much as you would be if decorating the walls in your own house.

The Play Room

Consider using a room partition in a child’s room. Use one area for sleep and homework. Dedicate the other part of the room to playtime and fun. Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean that you have to skip creating a playroom for your child. A treasure chest full of toys is a typical storage solution for playrooms in houses, and the toy treasure chest can be an especially useful tool for a smaller apartment when you want to keep the floors nice, clean and toy-free.

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