Frugal Living: 4 Budget-Friendly Window Treatments

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Window treatments are a unique way to add interest and color to any room’s decorating scheme. The decor piece can often be pricey at higher-end furniture and decorating stores, despite its universal simplicity. Use simple fabric pieces, unique ties and different lengths to cheaply add interest and variety with window treatments. Rather than purchasing pricier, pre-designed curtains, adapt your own with fabrics you have at home or yards cut from a sewing shop. Less expensive pieces allow you to accrue different colors and fabrics and rearrange your decorating scheme with the seasons. Read below for tips on adding interest simply and cheaply.

1. Sheet Curtains

Chances are, you probably already have a great set curtains in your home waiting to be unleashed: your sheets. If you look closely, sheets already have a hem sewn into that them that works great for hanging from a curtain rod. Sheets come in all colors and patterns, too, so feel free to purchase one that adds another color or variation to your room’s scheme. To avoid making the room look like you pulled the linens off your bed, be sure to get a fresh set and make some minor alterations. Cut blocks out of the sheet’s hem to create the appearance of curtain loops and select richer fabric types for a heightened sense of elegance.

2. Sheer Scarves

Some windows don’t require full-length curtains for a proper treatment, so look to drape a dainty, but colorful sheer fabric across the top of the frames to add interest. Sheer fabrics work for this type of treatment, due to their light weight and soft appearance. Hit your nearest fabric store for the most cost-effective way to create this look. You can choose to either only cover the top of the window and the rod, or have a chunk of fabric dangle down the sides of the windowsills. To drape, start at one side of the window and tie a knot, let an ample loop of fabric dangle down and swing it back over the top of the curtain rod. Contain this pattern until you reach the other side of the window. You can choose to wrap the scarf tightly or give the look a bit more flow and excess.

3. Unique Tiebacks

You can work with existing window treatments and curtains by adding minor, but detailed accessories. Think of creative ways of tying back full-length curtains. For a preppier look, wrap a plaid or stripped necktie around the middle of the curtain, hitting the bottom of the windowsill. Find ties in colors that add interesting contrast to the curtain’s fabric. Use a floral or polka-dot scarf in this technique to give the look a bit more of a feminine appeal. Simple ribbons will also do the job.

4. Play with Lengths

Modifying the length of the curtains you already have is an excellent way to decorate cheaply. Tie up the bottoms of floor-length windows in a large, loose knot to give the curtain a triangular shape. Give the sheet curtains from before a flirtier, more casual appeal but hemming them to hit just above the bottom of the windowsill.

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