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Hand hovers over apartment AC vent to see if it's working properly.

What to Do When Your A.C. Breaks

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Summer is in full swing, and the temperatures are soaring. read more

A little girl finds a way to cool off in her parents' apartment without central air conditioning.

10 Cool Tricks To Beat The Heat Without Central A.C.

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Triple-digit temperatures are tolerable if you’re frolicking around a pool or playing tag with ocean waves, but if you’re stuck indoors with no air conditioning, sweltering summer heat can be a living hell. read more

Surviving the Summer Without Central Air Conditioning

Surviving the Summer Without Central Air Conditioning

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Summer is officially here, along with all the things we love about it — and a few that we hate about it. Like heat waves. read more

Replacing Filters for a Small Portable Air Conditioner

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Even small portable air conditioners require some amount of care.  If your unit is making a whistling noise or if it simply does not seem to be cooling your apartment, the first thing to check is the filter.  Luckily, this is also the easiest thing to fix on any air conditioner. You will need to […] read more