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Holiday Decorating (on a Budget)

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The Holiday season can be expensive, but decorating your apartment does not have to break the bank. Don’t get fooled into purchasing costly Christmas decorations when there are so many other options! With the limited space of an apartment, you really want to concentrate on focal pieces and simple embellishments that beautify your space, not […] read more

Organizing a Small Kitchen

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Kitchen organization is problematic, no matter the size of the space. With an apartment kitchen, more often than not, that space is going to be small. With limited scope, too few cabinets, and a definite lack of counter space, organizing a small kitchen becomes all about finding ways to maximize your minimal space. My current […] read more

Living With a Roomate? Some Advice

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  Finding the perfect apartment is no easy task. Securing the perfect roommate is near impossible. When moving in with someone, two people will understandably have conflicting ideas when it comes to decorating, cleanliness, bills, groceries, and more. However, if talked about beforehand, most potential issues can be curtailed from the very beginning. I have […] read more