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A super cozy living/sleeping area decorated in the simple-yet-trendy hygge style.

Bringing the Hygge Decor Style Into Your Apartment

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Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for an atmosphere of coziness, or a safe environment. It’s pronounced “hoo-gah,” and it’s all about improving feelings of wellness and happiness in both your life and home. read more

Mismatched furniture pieces arranged around one another for an eclectic living room aesthetic.

6 Design Rules You Should Think About Breaking

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If there’s one rule of thumb for design (and life, really), it’s that everything is always changing. read more

Bold Colors

2018 Design Trends

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There are certain elements in a home that should always remain classic, such as white bathroom fixtures (what exactly were we thinking with those multicolored toilets in the 1950s?). Of course, it’s also fun to keep up with modern-day design trends so that your home always feels fresh and exciting. read more

Design Trends We Love

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Wondering how to give your apartment an inexpensive, yet trendy face lift? Don’t be left with a design that is so last year! Take a look at this list of design items that are a little bit out compared to styles that are trending now. Heavy Metal Brass, cooper and gold are hot right now […] read more

What’s in Store for 2015?

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Thinking about giving your apartment a new look for the New Year? Check out what’s rumored to be hot in the way of color and design in 2015. Accent Having personal items throughout your rooms gives the apartment an individual character. Not only will you have something lovely to look at every day, you won’t […] read more

Apartment Decorating: Avoiding Trends

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Apartment decorating can be a lot of fun and shopping for all the new decorations should be a big part of that fun. When shopping for the new decor items, try to avoid decorating trends that are sure to not last long. Trends can be fun but expensive furniture items are not the place to […] read more