Budget Decorating: Turn an Old Door into a Headboard

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With a little creativity and effort, budget decorating is easy and fun. A great way to spruce up your bedroom, reuse old materials and show off your decorating style is to turn an old door into a headboard.

Clean the Door

The first step before beginning your modifications to the door is to make sure that it is clean and free of any snags. Do not worry about imperfections other than splintered wood, as they will add character to the door. Sand down any splinters, as they may cause injury. Wipe down the door with warm water and a light cleaning solution, being careful not to saturate or leave soap residue on the surface.

Try the Door for Size

While you should have measured the door to make sure it will work as your headboard, after cleaning and sanding it you should put it in place to make sure that it will fit. The door may be heavy and bulky, making it more difficult to move, but trying the door as the headboard will help you confirm that you like the door in the location before proceeding further with its refinishing.

Additionally, by trying the door in its intended location you will see whether you need to incorporate a base or other stand to raise the door to the proper height. Measuring and planning for this at this stage will prevent you from later attaching the stand and possibly ruining the door’s new finish.

You may find that the door you chose is too small for your bed. In this case, try to find similar doors and place them next to each other vertically to create the proper width. Tall headboards are in fashion and also have the added benefit of creating the illusion of height in the room. Do not worry if the doors do not exactly match, as their differences will appear rustic and unique and not jarring.

Stain or Paint the Door

Unless the door is the exact stain or paint you desire, you will need to refinish it before installing it as a headboard. The key to an easy and beautiful paint or stain is to purchase all needed materials prior to beginning painting and to also use good paint. The employees at your local hardware or home improvement store will know the best gloss and color to use as well as how much paint you will need. Bring the door’s dimensions with you to the store to make your shopping easier.

Do not use a door that has glass panels, as they are unsafe to have overhead when sleeping. However, you may remove the glass and paint the frame for an interesting look.

Choosing the Door’s Color

The key to choosing the color or stain for your new headboard is to ensure that your choice will both draw attention to the uniqueness of your decorating but not make the room appear jarring or uncomfortable. As using a door for a headboard is unique in itself, use a muted color or stain that will blend well with the other furniture and your bedding.

A bright color may also draw too much attention to the piece and overwhelm the room. Your decorating should show your creativity, but not be an eyesore. Additionally, you may find that you quickly tire of a bold color.

Planning is a must when using an old door as a headboard. While an inexpensive and unique way to decorate your bedroom, do not go overboard with color. Be certain that the door is affixed and supported properly and does not pose a safety threat.

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