Holiday Decorating (on a Budget)

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The Holiday season can be expensive, but decorating your apartment does not have to break the bank. Don’t get fooled into purchasing costly Christmas decorations when there are so many other options! With the limited space of an apartment, you really want to concentrate on focal pieces and simple embellishments that beautify your space, not overwhelm it. Spend your budget on eye-catching center pieces and window adornments; focus on places that draw the eye. Change out your throw blankets for Christmas themed ones; switch your usual welcome mat for one a little more festive; pull out those holiday dishes and hang some shiny tinsel! Achieving a festive apartment is attainable on any budget.

Deal with It

The first thing to know is that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get in the holiday spirit. Look for deals! This can take some planning, but if you purchase your next year’s decorations directly after Christmas, you are looking at some amazing price cuts. And, let’s be honest – Christmas never goes out of style. You would also be surprised at how many holiday decorations can be bought at dollar stores and secondhand shops. My local Goodwill sells Christmas trees for less than thirty dollars! Knick-knacks, lights, and ornaments can all be found at both thrift stores and discount stores. Stringed lights can cost ten or twenty dollars at most places. I just purchased a second-hand, well working string of lights for the low and lovely price of only ninety-nine cents.

Upcycled Bargains

Look for simple pieces that can be repurposed for multiple holidays. A glass container is a great place to start. Fill it with holiday candy or winter scented candles. You can purchase simple unadorned center pieces that can be redone for each holiday with ribbons, pebbles, and potpourri. Another thing to think about when decorating is styling for the entire season instead of just Christmas. This gives you months’ worth of decorations and helps you save a little cash. Look for winter items, rather than just Christmas. Colors schemes of blues and silvers usually stretch farther than the usual red and green.

Swap with Friends

Tired of your tree trimmings but unable to buy something new? Host an ornament swap! This is a really fun excuse to get together with friends and get something new for your tree. Everyone invited brings an ornament, (or a set!), and you swap. It’s as simple as that. Even if you are tired of your used decorations, they’ll be new to someone else.


Lastly, the holiday season is the perfect time to finally be the DIY’er you’ve always dreamed of. Dust off that forgotten Pinterest board and get your hands dirty! Most of the time, making your decorations will be cheaper than buying and way more fun. One trip to the craft store and a little bit of time and you can make your own wreath – one that looks just how you want it to. Glass ornaments are cheap and give you the ability to paint them however you want. Can’t find the perfect set? Make your own. You can even bake your own ornaments with almost no effort. Salt dough ornaments can be made with just salt, flour, and water. They can be made in any shape and painted however you’d like! DIY Christmas is also a great opportunity for some bonding time. Numerous projects can be done with friends and family; crafting is the perfect excuse to get together with your loved ones this season and spend some quality time with one another.

Remember to Relax

Just remember not to get too hung up on the perfect decorations. The holiday season is already fraught with anxieties and stress – there is no need to add any more on your plate. So, relax. With these tips, you’ll be holiday ready and budget happy in no time.

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