Budget Decorating: 3 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom into a Love Nest

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When budget decorating, it can be difficult to accomplish your decorating goals when you keep your spending to a minimum. However, with a little ingenuity, you can set a romantic mood in your bedroom even while on a budget.

1 – Focus on Scents

While you may not be able to afford a new bed frame or mattress while budget decorating, you can help set the mood by turning your attention to scents. Romantic scents can relax, refresh and put people in the mood. However, you don’t need to pay extra for fragrances labeled “love” or “romance.” Some popular romantic scents that are easy to come by include cinnamon, vanilla, lavender, jasmine and strawberry.

You can purchase these scents in candles and place them throughout the room (although it’s best to use only one scent at a time), but remember that less is more when it comes to lighting and flames. Practice proper candle safety and keep the candles away from highly flammable materials—and never leave candles burning unattended. To get the romantic scents to permeate the room more thoroughly and consistently, purchase fragrance diffusers, which require you to place special scent-diffusing sticks into small amounts of fragrance oil. This is also a safer way to spread fragrance, as you can leave them unattended, but do keep them out of reach of pets and children.

2 – Look into Lighting

Using dimmed lights can help set the mood for romance far better than keeping the bright lights on or turning off all of the lights entirely. While you probably can’t switch out your light fixtures in an apartment, you have a number of budget decorating options to help give you control over the kind of light that’s used in your bedroom.

The first is to use candles, which can also help you diffuse romantic scents, but should be used with caution. The second is to purchase a light dimmer, which can be plugged into lamps with one-step easy installation. Just plug the dimmer into the wall and plug the lamp into the dimmer and you can adjust the amount of light being let into the room.

3 – Concentrate on Color

When budget decorating your bedroom, you can help set the mood with scents and lighting, but you still probably want to set up an attractive bedroom that pleases the eye even during the day. The best way to set the mood for romance without spending a lot of money is to concentrate on color. Select or make bedsheets, comforters, pillows, paintings and draperies in romantic colors, such as purple, burgundy, cream, bronze and gold. Avoid bright colors like pink or yellow, even if they seem romantic, as they can be jarring and distracting. Also, make sure the bedsheets are as soft and luxurious as possible. You can get soft sheets without paying for higher thread count by looking for “t-shirt” fabric sheets.

Budget decorating in your bedroom can still produce some stunning results and help you set the mood for romantic encounters. Just follow any of these tips to turn your bedroom into a love nest without it being apparent you’re on a budget.

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