The Best Small-Space Furniture Buys For Under $150

A black leather loveseat sits cozily in a small living area.

Gone are the days of moving into a new apartment and wondering how you’re going to fill it up so voices don’t echo off the walls. Today, you pay more and more for less and less space — but that doesn’t necessarily mean our needs as renters have changed. After all, everyone needs a place to work, play, sleep, cook, and store things.

Designers have certainly gotten the memo, which is probably why more small-space furniture ideas seem to be hitting the market than ever before. To make things even better, the creators of these unique pieces also understand that if you’re living in such close quarters, your budget is probably tight as well.

These furniture pieces are all under $150 and add flair to every room, no matter how small.

Folding Upholstered Chair

Nothing classes up a room like a nice upholstered chair, but most traditional styles would probably overpower any small space they were put in. This option is upholstered and comfortable, and when it’s not being used, you can fold it up and stash it most anywhere.

Fold-Down Bar

Having space for a bar (or even a bar cart) in tiny apartments is impossible. Lucky for us all, there are plenty of new countertops that fold down during cocktail hour and then neatly and discreetly disappear come night’s end.

Fold-Down Desktop

There’s never again going to be a spare room in your apartment that you can convert into a home office. Instead of hunching over a coffee table to work, use a fold-down desktop that you just hide in the wall when it’s quitting time.

Bathroom Cart

That tiny counter next to your bathroom sink barely has room for a toothbrush, let alone all the creams, lotions, and other essentials you need for your daily routine. Use a glittering gold-trimmed cart to hold everything, and tuck it into an empty corner when you’re done.

Two-Seater Sofa

No longer called a loveseat, this compact sofa takes up much less space than a conventional one without sacrificing any comfort.

Vanity Fare

You don’t need a vanity with a big mirror and velveteen bench to create makeup magic. Wall shelves are more than capable of holding your beauty products and won’t get in the way of your everyday movements through the apartment.

Nesting Tables

Use just one of these when you’re flying solo, pull out extras when guests arrive, and tuck away what isn’t necessary to free up floor space.

Entryway Storage

Walls in entryways are gold in small apartments. Chic wall-mounted storage modules are ideal for holding all your gear here, from gloves and wraps to umbrellas and hats.

Double-Duty Casual Seating

Ottomans and poufs are great furniture pieces for small living quarters. Many also have hidden storage space inside, which means you’ll be able to sit on your stash of whatever without anyone knowing.


Using decorative screens as room dividers was in vogue when people started living in warehouse lofts. Today, they’re just as handy and appealing in smaller spaces where you want to keep certain areas private. Some also have the added appeal of pockets to stash your stuff.

Book Storage

Stacks of books and magazines can make any room look messy and cluttered. Store your reading material with a basket or other accessory that tucks neatly away when your reading is done.

Hanging Baskets

Small-space walls are perfect for hanging baskets. Fill them with kitchen tools, dried flowers, or tea towels, and you’ll find that public storage never looked so good.

Clothes Racks

Small apartments typically have matching closets — if they have any at all. Using racks to hold your clothes and leaving them on display ingeniously fills your space with color, texture, and a look into your fashion sense.

Guest Beds

Friends and family know you don’t have a spare room for their visit, but an easily storable makeshift bed is sure to keep them comfortable and cozy for the duration of their stay.

Casual Coffee/Dining Table

Many kids thought it was a real treat when they could eat dinner at the living room coffee table instead of the kitchen or dining room one. Since you probably don’t have room for the latter, why not make every meal special with a hybrid?

Coat Hangers

What could be handier than having your coat and hat neatly hung by the door, ready to go for your next foray out into the world? Line up several hangers by your entryway to easily accommodate guest wraps.

Indoor Bench

An indoor bench in the entry area of an apartment.

Homey indoor benches promise comfy extra seating whenever you need it. Some even boast hidden storage space under their padded tops, similar to the piano benches of yesteryear that also held sheet music.

Lighting Fixtures

That dark corner you can’t seem to illuminate could easily be saved with a strategically-placed lamp, some of which now come with storage space for your cell phone, keys, and any other little thing you need to keep handy all the time.

More and more furniture items specially designed for small spaces come to market daily. Just do an online search now, and you’ll be amazed at what’s available for less than $150.

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