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Waterbeds: Should You Get Rid of Yours Before Moving into Your New Apartment?

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  Remember waterbeds? Developed in the 1960s, they rose in popularity quickly and remained a desired item throughout the 70s and 80s. Eventually people fell out of love with them and sales eventually dwindled into the 90s and early 2000s. Now, they’re mostly a thing of the past. Still, there continues to be a surprising […] read more

Bursting Your Bubble: Renters Insurance and Waterbeds

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Many landlords anticipate major damage when tenants move in with a waterbed, and they often require tenants to buy special renters insurance policies to cover potential damages. You could try to convince your landlord otherwise, but if he’s got his mind set, you’re going to have to buy or add-on coverage that’s specific for waterbeds. […] read more