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Tenant seals moving boxes with tape as she prepares to vacate her current unit.

Penalties for Giving Short Notice to Vacate

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As all apartment dwellers (hopefully) know, a lease is so much more than just a piece of paper — it’s a binding legal commitment between tenant and landlord or rental company. read more

A gloved hand hands over a set of keys to a new apartment.

What’s the Latest? Important New Rental Law Revisions for COVID-19

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While government restrictions related to COVID-19 ease up across the country a little more each day, millions of people are still out of work and struggling to overcome a myriad of economic challenges. Of those people, paying rent without an income is almost always among the biggest struggles. read more

Aerial view of Downtown Los Angeles

Typical Utility Costs in Los Angeles

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Pristine beaches as far as the eye can see, more blue skies and sunshine than you can imagine, breathtaking vistas, and top-shelf international cuisine at your fingertips — it’s no wonder Los Angeles captures the hearts and souls of so many. read more

Working on a deal for a "no-fee" apartment with an apartment broker

What is a No-Fee Apartment?

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Apartment hunting is all about getting the best place for the lowest price. But with rental rates being the highest in US history, the hunting process is now more like a safari, with home seekers going head-to-head, making grandiose promises to landlords, and describing themselves as saintly entities just to pay too much money for […] read more

4 Reasons for a Rent Increase

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A rent increase can sometimes come as quite a surprise to you, especially if you haven’t received one in a while. However, many times it’s necessary if the landlord must make improvements, keep pace with the cost of living or make up the difference due to increased taxation. Of course, sometimes the reason doesn’t have […] read more

5 Tricks Apartment Brokers Play on Unsuspecting Tenants

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Most apartment brokers are honest, well-intentioned professionals, but some insist on fighting for their percentage. This forces them to say and do practically anything to close a deal. These tactics can be subtle, deceitful and sometimes dishonest. If you are looking for a new space to call home, you need to be sure to spot the red flags. 1. Fees out of Nowhere […] read more

Typical Utility Costs in San Diego

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Utility costs, when compared to the major metropolitan cities in the rest of the country, are manageable in San Diego. Residents in San Diego pay lower costs overall for such utilities as electricity, the Internet, natural gas, phone and cable than, say, people living in Chicago or New York. Nevertheless, people in San Diego have […] read more

Typical Utility Costs in New York City

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New York City is the country’s most expensive city, and utility costs are no exception. Luckily, most rented apartments come with water included, but electricity, gas, and Internet service will be an additional cost to your already astronomic rent. The city does not give you many options to choose from in the electricity or gas departments. But […] read more

5 Types of Fees You May Be Charged when Moving In

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Moving in to a new apartment can get pricey with the upfront fees charged on top of rent. Being aware of what fees are legitimate and which ones are not can help you avoid being scammed and also help you prepare for what kind of costs to expect. Save up enough money to cover these […] read more