Typical Utility Costs in New York City

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New York City is the country’s most expensive city, and utility costs are no exception. Luckily, most rented apartments come with water included, but electricity, gas, and Internet service will be an additional cost to your already astronomic rent. The city does not give you many options to choose from in the electricity or gas departments. But here is what you can expect.

Electricity $100 to $200

Consolidated Edison services all boroughs with electricity. Though there are slight differences in rates depending on your location, I would say that they are negligible. More noticeable is when ConEd adjusts their rates based on the current supply and demand. So you can expect to pay much more during the summer when the city’s residents are running their air conditioners even if you are not. A typical two bedroom apartment which is inhabited by people who use air conditioners should expect to pay $200/month during the summer. The winter is generally much cheaper. Most apartments use gas heaters, so temperature control will not be a power issue. Expect to pay around $100/month during the winter. However, note that some apartments come with electric heaters which will bring the cost close to that of the summer time months.

Gas $15 to $150

Gas is more complicated. There are two companies that do gas in New York, the first is again ConEd and the second is Keyspan. Both companies take into account whether or not you use space heaters in your apartment before determining your rates. The usage-to-cost relationship for each situation is different. Some areas are serviced by both companies so you can research which will work best for you. Most areas will only have one available option so you will be left without a choice. Generally, ConEd works in Manhattan and Keyspan works in Brooklyn. Gas costs also vary depending on whether your landlord has you paying for hot water and/or heat. If you are lucky, you will only pay for cooking gas and can expect a bill between $15 to $30. If you pay for heat and hot water, expect something upwards of $150 in your two bedroom during the winter. Minimize your use of the heater.

Internet $45 +

Phone costs and cable costs can vary greatly depending on the plan that you choose. But Internet service is always Internet service, so it is easier to track. Generally expect to pay $45 for your connection. However, many buildings in New York City are very old and will need to be wired for Internet before they can connect you. This can cost upwards of $150. Always be sure to ask whether the building is Internet ready before moving in. This can end up being a major factor in your decision to rent a given apartment.

Utilities in New York City can take a big chunk out of your wallet. To avoid a heart attack, research the trends and conserve your consumption.

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