Typical Utility Costs in San Diego

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Utility costs, when compared to the major metropolitan cities in the rest of the country, are manageable in San Diego. Residents in San Diego pay lower costs overall for such utilities as electricity, the Internet, natural gas, phone and cable than, say, people living in Chicago or New York. Nevertheless, people in San Diego have been experiencing average increases in utility costs, such as electricity, since the first part of the current decade.

Electricity – Reducing the Need for Fossil Fuels

San Diego Gas and Electirc (SDG&E) is the major provider of electricity and natural gas in the San Diego metropolitan area. The company eagerly complies with regulators who want to reduce California’s dependence on fossil fuels for energy consumption. They support the production of energy from renewable sources, such as solar, wind, water and green waste. Multi-family rebates are offered through the utility for making improvements that are energy-efficient in units and common areas of apartment complexes. The utility also offers a Summer Saver Program, which encourages residents to cycle their central air conditioning “on and off” on certain days during the hottest portion of the year. They recommend installing energy-efficient fixtures and bulbs as the amount spent on electricity can be as high as 20% of the total cost paid for energy overall. SDG&E customers also receive a rebate for recycling old working freezers, refrigerators and room air conditioners. Nevertheless, the cost for electricity can be rather high and runs around $75.00, on average, per month for the entire year.

Connecting to the Internet – A Reasonable Expense

If you enjoy spending your time online, then you won’t be too burdened by the cost of connecting to the Internet. In San Diego, you can expect to pay, on average, around $35.00 per month to stay virtually connected.

Natural Gas – A Major Cost in December and January

San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E), as stated, also supplies natural gas to residents in San Diego. The cost for heating your apartment or home during the cooler months of December and January can be rather high, given San Diego’s mild climate, and run, on average, around $130 per month.

Paying for a Landline Phone – A Reasonable Cost

It almost seems silly to have a landline phone when you can choose a cell phone you can take anywhere with you. However, the cost of using a landline, if you need one, is not too cost-prohibitive and generally runs around $32.00 per month. If you choose a cell phone, make sure to get a service that will get good reception in your apartment.

Cable – A Necessary Entertainment Expense

Naturally, you could pare a sizable amount off the amount you spend for utilities if you didn’t opt for cable TV. Still, it’s almost impossible to imagine living life without any cable offerings. As a consequence, there’s a price you have to pay for this convenience and it’s not cheap in San Diego. Typically, you’ll pay around $68 per month to stay tuned in to ESPN, HBO, CNN and all the other cable channels in the San Diego area.

San Diego is a great place to live. That’s why residents have learned to accept some of the higher utility costs.

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