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Working on a deal for a "no-fee" apartment with an apartment broker

What is a No-Fee Apartment?

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Apartment hunting is all about getting the best place for the lowest price. But with rental rates being the highest in US history, the hunting process is now more like a safari, with home seekers going head-to-head, making grandiose promises to landlords, and describing themselves as saintly entities just to pay too much money for […] read more

5 Tricks Apartment Brokers Play on Unsuspecting Tenants

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Most apartment brokers are honest, well-intentioned professionals, but some insist on fighting for their percentage. This forces them to say and do practically anything to close a deal. These tactics can be subtle, deceitful and sometimes dishonest. If you are looking for a new space to call home, you need to be sure to spot the red flags. 1. Fees out of Nowhere […] read more