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COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium

What the CDC Eviction Moratorium Ending Means for Renters

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The federal moratorium on evictions has been in effect since March 2020 read more

Past Due

What to Do When You Need to Pay Your Rent Late

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Paying your rent on time is one of the basic tenets of adulthood, but sometimes unexpected things pop up that can temporarily derail you. Whether you just got laid off from your job, you were in a car accident and your insurance deductible shot up, or you had to lend a family member some cash […] read more

Woman struggles to pay her rent on time in the era of COVID-19.

2021 Update on COVID-19 Rent Assistance: 3 Helpful Websites for Renters in Need

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Now that almost half the country is fully vaccinated, things are beginning their slow return to normal. However, many people are still struggling to pay their rent on time because of COVID-related economic hardships read more

A gloved hand hands over a set of keys to a new apartment.

What’s the Latest? Important New Rental Law Revisions for COVID-19

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While government restrictions related to COVID-19 ease up across the country a little more each day, millions of people are still out of work and struggling to overcome a myriad of economic challenges. Of those people, paying rent without an income is almost always among the biggest struggles. read more

What to Do about Excessive Late Payment Penalties

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Figuring out what to do about excessive late payment penalties can be frustrating at first. However, there is hope in getting some of them reduced or eliminated. Talk to Your Landlord If you have been late for rent several times, your late fees may pile up. Although you may defer paying the late fees, the […] read more

How to Ask for an Rent Extenstion

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It is likely inevitable that everyone will need a rent extension at one time or another. However, asking for this is problematic to many tenants because it can feel like the equivalent of borrowing money, which makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Still, asking for a rent extension can help to avoid those taxing late […] read more

What are the Financial Consequences of Not Paying Rent

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Whether it’s a bad economy, an unexpected job loss or some other change, you might be tempted to stop paying rent. However, there are financial consequences that can impact you for many years after your decision. Think carefully about what could happen: Late Fees Not paying rent will result in you being charged a late […] read more

The Consequences of Late Rent Payments

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Making a late rent payment, while not the best situation to put yourself in, is not the end of the world. However, habitually paying your rent late is never a good idea. It’s important to remember as a renter that your actions have consequences. You Can Incur Penalty Charges Like a late payment on a […] read more