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Man fights with his landlord over what he believes to be a violation of their lease agreement.

7 Ways Your Landlord Is Breaking the Law (and Your Lease!)

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Renters are often intimidated by landlords, especially if renting a home is a new experience for them. read more

Roommates Arguing

What to Do When Your Roommate Isn’t Working Out

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Roommates can be like family. Think about it: you’re with them every time you wake up in the morning, you probably share a lot of meals together, and you split up all the household responsibilities. read more

5 Tips for Breaking a Lease Legally

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Breaking a lease can have serious legal and financial consequences. While it is legal to break a lease in certain circumstances, doing so is neither easy nor fast. Prior to starting the process of breaking your lease, consider the following advice. 1. Know Your Rights Knowing what you can and cannot legally do regarding your […] read more

What To Do If Your Noisy Neighbor Is Your Landlord

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Living with a noisy neighbor can be a miserable experience, but it’s even worse when that neighbor is your landlord. You can pretty much forget about renting the apartment for long, if you decide to confront your landlord about the noise. In rare cases, your landlord may see the light and change his ways. In […] read more

Legal Concerns of Early Apartment Lease Termination

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Apartment lease termination that occurs prior to the end of the lease term can have several legal consequences. Tenants that terminate leases early can face extensive financial costs, negative reporting on credit reports and possibly even legal action. Described below are some of the legal concerns and possible consequences to consider before termination a lease […] read more

What to Do if Your Landlord Violates the Lease Agreement

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It’s an awful to position to be in when your landlord violates the lease agreement.  The major concern is that you’ll upset your landlord, who might retaliate and kick you out of your apartment. If you’ve been living there for a long time and are paying a lower rent compared to most apartment rentals in […] read more

3 Common Repercussions of Breaking Your Lease

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The repercussions of breaking your lease can haunt you for years after. It will impact your ability to rent future apartments, or cost you money that can lead to financial hardship. Breaking your lease should be the last resort, and in most cases, it should not even be an option. Here are 3 common repercussions […] read more

3 Tips When You Break a Lease

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You’re sick and tired of the sewer running through your apartment, your neighbors and their pets won’t stop running around above you, your car has been broken into twice within the last month, and all you want to do is just leave your apartment. Too bad you still have 6 months left on your lease. Before you threaten your landlord with leaving him with an empty apartment, make sure you know these 3 tips when you break you lease. read more

How to Break a Lease

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Your apartment at “Buena Vista Village” looks out on a junkyard, is infested with roaches, your next-door neighbors are running a meth lab, your upstairs neighbor is a professional tap-dancer, your carpeting still smells like the urine of the previous tenant’s cats (which she definitely wasn’t allowed to have), your car has been broken into three times in the past month, and there are bullet holes in one wall of the complex that haven’t been covered up in the whole time you’ve been there. read more