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Raleigh, North Carolina skyline at night.

The 10 Best Cities for Renters in 2023

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With 2022 coming to a close, renters across America may be wondering where the best cities to live are in the new year. read more

Couple calculates the cost of rent as they get ready to move.

How Much Will $1,500 Get You in the US?

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Rent prices have soared across the US in recent years, and unfortunately, there’s not much the average renter can do about it. read more

Downtown Fargo, North Dakota.

7 Big Cities with the Cheapest Rent Prices

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It’s no secret that big cities are expensive to live in, but city living also comes with lots of cool benefits. read more

Austin, TX

The Best Cities for Renters in 2021

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Last year was a strange one, and many people have been reconsidering various aspects of their lives, including where to live. read more


Having Fun on a Budget: Embracing the Staycation

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In tough financial times, many people don’t have money to spare for a real vacation. Conflicting work and school schedules can also make a traditional vacation impossible. Luckily, you and your family can have just as much fun by treating yourselves to a “staycation,” in which you stay at home and embrace nearby attractions. read more

Shot showing the statue of liberty in front of the New York City skyline at sunset.

The Best Places to Rent in New York City

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They say that if you can make it in New York City, you can make it anywhere — but where should you choose to hang your hat while you’re trying to make it? read more

Aerial view of Downtown Los Angeles

Typical Utility Costs in Los Angeles

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Pristine beaches as far as the eye can see, more blue skies and sunshine than you can imagine, breathtaking vistas, and top-shelf international cuisine at your fingertips — it’s no wonder Los Angeles captures the hearts and souls of so many. read more

A small, modern pied-à-terre apartment.

Pied-à-Terre: The Second Home That Could Save You Time and Money

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When people complain about work, it’s often not about the job itself but the toll it takes on their lives in the form of local commuting, out-of-town business trips, stressful packing and unpacking, and time away from family and friends. Whether you’re just starting to make your mark in your profession or finally on the […] read more

Downtown Nashville at night.

Fresh Starts: Most Livable Cities for 2019

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People are incredibly complex in some ways — and yet so wonderfully simple in many others. When it comes to deciding where to live, most of us want a place with lots of diverse, good-paying jobs, affordable housing, and a general population that’s content with its surroundings. read more