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Woman keeps warm in her apartment with the help of a cozy blanket, thick socks, and a piping hot cup of tea.

How to Keep Warm Without Heating

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All-inclusive rents are great for people who live in colder climates since they don’t have to budget for higher utility bills when the cold weather hits. But what about those of us that are responsible for fronting the heating bill? read more

cold man warming hands

Does Your Apartment Have Poor Insulation?

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Depending on where you live, cold temperatures are unavoidable as winter sets in. After a long day trekking through the snow, curling up in a warm, cozy home sounds like a good plan. Unfortunately, many apartments have poor insulation, but living there doesn’t have to be torture every winter. read more

All these varieties make great indoor houseplants during the cold season.

9 Indoor Plants That Thrive During the Winter

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Healthy houseplants require little attention during the spring and summer. During these times, the home is filled with fresh, warm air and the sun streams into every room, so all you need to do is keep them moist for them to thrive. But then autumn creeps in, followed by those long, chilly days and nights […] read more

Girl uses a small room heater to help her and her cat survive the harsh winter.

Wintertime Updates Your Apartment Needs

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The chill of winter is fast approaching for many of us, and as temperatures continue to drop, we find that it’s often an uphill battle to keep the drafts at bay. Most people tend to crank up the thermostat during this time of year, which usually causes the utility bills to go way up. Fortunately, […] read more

A young man stands freezing inside his apartment. Looks like it's time to winterize!

Best Ways to Winterize Your Apartment

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No matter where you live, chances are the winter months are colder than the others and you want to stay warm. read more

Bad Weather

Preparing Your Apartment For Bad Weather

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No matter where you live, there’s always a chance of bad weather. It could be a severe thunder or snowstorm, or it could be something much bigger like a hurricane. Regardless of what kind of bad weather it is, there are a few basic steps you can take to prepare your apartment for it. read more

door snake draft

Dealing with Drafts: Cheap and Easy Ways to Keep Out the Chill

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Most houses and apartments are not made to really keep all the cold air out. There are little cracks around the sides of windows and doors, in the fireplace area if one exists, around spots where wires and exhaust pipes go through the side of the house. In most homes, those tiny cracks add up […] read more

Ways to Winter Proof Your Apartment

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Taking the time to winter proof your apartment can lower your heating bill, keep you warmer and make the cold months more comfortable. A few easy tasks can help keep cold air out of your apartment and the warm air in. Put Plastic Film on the Windows Putting plastic film over your windows can help […] read more