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Girl uses a small room heater to help her and her cat survive the harsh winter.

Wintertime Updates Your Apartment Needs

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The chill of winter is fast approaching for many of us, and as temperatures continue to drop, we find that it’s often an uphill battle to keep the drafts at bay. Most people tend to crank up the thermostat during this time of year, which usually causes the utility bills to go way up. Fortunately, […] read more

Bad Weather

Preparing Your Apartment For Bad Weather

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No matter where you live, there’s always a chance of bad weather. It could be a severe thunder or snowstorm, or it could be something much bigger like a hurricane. Regardless of what kind of bad weather it is, there are a few basic steps you can take to prepare your apartment for it. read more

Tips for Keeping Your Apartment Warm in the Winter

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As the days get shorter and fall starts to fade, our apartments are getting colder. Whether you live in a heat controlled apartment building or a two family home, you may find your place of residence to be drafty, making it hard to keep cold air out. Here are a few ways to keep your […] read more


Watch Out for These 4 Heating Related Dangers

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The colder months of the year make you dependent on heating in your apartment in order to be comfortable. However, if you’re not careful you could expose yourself to these heating-related dangers: 1. Improper Use of Portable Heaters Portable heaters are a great method of heating a small area of your apartment at the fraction […] read more