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Man using a silicone gun to repair a window

Everything You Need to Know About Fixing Cracked Windows in Rental Units

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Windows keep your home’s interior temperature comfortable and help regulate the amount of natural light that passes into it. read more

Nail Polish

Surprising Ways You Can Use Nail Products to Make Apartment Repairs

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Duct tape has long been touted as the king of all home repairs, but did you know that you may have an inexpensive jar of home improvement magic hiding in your cupboards that could give it a run for its money? Humble nail polish is good for so much more than just making fingers and […] read more

Drywall Water Damage Repair Tips

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You can take care of drywall water damage repair, or ask your landlord to. It all depends on the circumstances, such as the cause of the water damage. If it’s your fault and you want to avoid losing some or all of your security deposit, then you should learn how to repair drywall yourself. You […] read more