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Man screams in shock as the ice-cold shower water hits his back

No Hot Water? No Problem!

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Turning on your shower for your morning wake-up ritual and discovering nothing but icy cold water flowing from the tap is extremely disconcerting read more

A man inspecting his new home after renting a flipped property.

Things to Look Out for When Renting a Flipped Property

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If you’ve recently turned on HGTV or opened up a home and garden magazine, you know that everyone is flipping for flipped homes. read more

4 Common Apartment Plumbing Problems

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It’s wishful thinking to expect zero plumbing problems in your apartment. No matter how new or updated the apartment, you may have to call the landlord and ask him to make plumbing repairs. There are few things you can learn to do on your own, and ask the landlords to deduct the parts you paid […] read more